A Darling Birthday Card

I received this in the mail today from Dolly, a very special sister in our PRH group. Her cherry heart is a cheery heart! She is a sweetheart. One picture is closer up than the other so you can see all her darling things - a cute cupcake that goes inside the pocket of the dress and the hang tag that goes up into the bottom of the dress, which acts as the envelope. Just so sweet and thoughtful. Thank you, Miss Dolly!! I love ya, sweetpea.

Little Pink Roses Plate - FREE!!!!

Vickie won the plate!! Congratulations, my chickadee!

Wow, I cannot believe it's been a week since I posted. I'll have an announcement soon................

Hmmmm, now what do I do with this little plate, huh?!?!

9 AM, chicks!!

Okay, the first one to email me gets this little plate to adorn their home. I just couldn't resist buying it yesterday and giving it away to one of my rose-loving PRH sisters. You can post a comment here and it'll be emailed to me or a direct email. Whoever is first gets it!! Surprise!!

Ooooh My, Look What I Got Today!!!!!!

I got a box in the mail today and all I could say was "ooohhhoooo, hoooohoooo, hoooooooh, aaaahhhh, and oh and ah for a good 30 seconds!! Not only the gorgeous pumpkin (please click to enlarge this beauty!), but 2 tags (I have several message boards around my house) and a stunning little, well, not so little, charm to hang. Celeste outdid herself on this one because it is gorgeously exquisite. I'm so happy I could just burst!!! This is from our "Great Pumpkin Swap" that this group of wonderfully talented, sweet, kind, supportive women that I've ever had the privilege to meet, have been having on our group. Group?!?! Noooooon noooo, it's a true Sisterhood! They are just fantastic!! Thank you, Celeste, from the top of my fluffy haired head to my pedicured toes!!

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