I Just Love Surprises!

I've been so busy that I haven't posted in a while. Life sometimes interferes with what I want to do!

I received this in the mail today! A lady in a group I belong to told me she was sending me something, but I had no idea what and it turned out to be this beautiful plate, soaps, tiny pitcher and toothpick holder that she hand painted herself! What a feeling to know that someone has so much love in their heart and is so generous and kind to think of me. I am loved!! Thank you, sweet, generous, kind lady!! My heart is full today.

Roses Are Developing......yeah!!!!

I been practicin', chicks!! Whew, has it been hard. I've received so much help and encouragement from my group members that I'm humbled by it. They have truly inspired me to go on with my humble roses. I'm calling my very own technique "ohsobad".......you figure it out. Hah! But just thought I'd share my progress the last 2 days. I'm going to be a rose painter some day, I promise myself that. Just pursuing my dream. Then everyone can drool all over my roses!!
I thought today I'd treat you to a slideshow of my little birdhouses. They are really the things I love to make the most. Each one is different and takes a lot of labor. But in the end I love the way they turn out. So enjoy...........

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