I thought today I'd treat you to a slideshow of my little birdhouses. They are really the things I love to make the most. Each one is different and takes a lot of labor. But in the end I love the way they turn out. So enjoy...........

Just Toooooo Funny!!!

Several months ago I came across this on a blog and laughed til I cried. I have never watched Ellen Degeneres or even seen her act or for that matter am not sure what she is famous for since we don't have a TV but this is just hilarious. I don't want to ever lose it and I thought I'd share it with those of you who visit my blog. Just turn up your speakers, listen and have a good belly laugh with this lady, Gladys Hardy. I guess it is because I'm in a witty, funny and humorous family that I love this so much. Enjoy, chickadees!

Step by Step......I Fell in Love with You!!!

I remember that song from the 60s!! And it is my theme song to doing my painting roses practice! Step by step..........whew, long process. However, this is my favorite roses - so far - with a little "filler" and leaves (?) thrown in. Actually, I didn't want to "mar the beauty" of the original so I copied them on my copier to practice on more. :-) I'm starting to like this practicing roses and leaves and stuff. Hah.......

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