Things Learned Recently!

I've learned a lot of things in my life time. I mean a LOT. I thought of keeping track of some of them to share. Just a few thoughts on my particular life. Hah.

1. You truly can be a queen. Oh, maybe not of a foreign country, but certainly in your own home with your own family. Wear the crown proudly!

2. We truly need to be more loving and kinder to those of our own household. We tend to let them see our "bad" side and keep the "good" side for friends, acquaintances and co-workers. That needs to change..........NOW! They are the ones we spend eternity with and actually, we shouldn't have a "bad" side. Only a "good" side - even for the "mean" people.

3. I truly don't know what kind of a day someone is having but if I'm in tune enough with my spiritual side, I'll hear what they might need from me at any given time.

4. Smiles truly, truly do make a difference when just walking down the street or to someone in the grocery store. I've tested this theory out and I'm absolutely 100% right on it.

5. If you put 3 tblsps. of Benefiber in a glass of pineapple/orange juice then you'd better definitely stay home and not let anyone get between you and the bathroom!! This has also been tested!!

Now smile!!

Thoughts at the End of a Day

A friend I know painted this little compote dish and I believe it to be absolutely stunning! She has been a sweetie in encouraging me to paint. She's come a long way with her painting and this proves it. Gorgeous, Katie!!
The last several days I've been working on my website - tweaking here and there. This can be very dangerous!! Trust me on this. It has been very frustrating for me to try and do something and it won't come out exactly like I want it. I know none of you have ever experienced that. Woooooo...... Anyway, I haven't given up. There are just so so many things I want to accomplish: painting a rose is at the top of the list. Becoming more patient is another thing I want to accomplish and believe it or not, I am becoming a bit more patient. This has NOT been easy. I'm a type "A" individual. My brain just never stops. And I have more mental energy than Einstein! Physical energy? Not so much!

Jack was in his home office tonight preparing a talk for tomorrow in church and I went in and said, "You know, I could save myself a lot of frustration by just giving up on some of this. I don't have to do a blog or do an Articles page or a Home of the Month page on my website." He said, "That's right; you don't." So why am I doing it? I'll never become famous or rich, but I truly do lead a blessed life. And becoming rich has never ever been a goal of mine. I just simply want to be creative and contribute to other people's happiness. And..........paint a beautiful pink rose.........

Bad Backs and Good Books............

Been go the chiropractor's office 3 times this week and feeling much better. Actually, I love going to them. This one is especially good! His office is the most serene place I've been in a long time. Above is picture of his entrance. The property is just lush and green and quiet..........oooooh, I just had to take pix to show. Like being in a forest almost.

Anyway, been busy fixin' my website and what a challenge that has been. I'm not getting much done lately because of this back of mine, but I am reading some good books. A new one by Dean Koontz called The Husband was really good. A mystery with no vulgar language. Quite refreshing. If anyone has any recommendation on some good books, please let me know. It's about the only thing I can do lately that doesn't strain this back. :-)

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