Since we're talking about birthdays, I thought I'd post a bit of ephemera for you. I was born during the war and my father was on a ship in the Pacific Ocean. He didn't see me until I was 18 months old, but that is what happens when men go off to war to fight for their country, our freedoms and their loves ones. This was the telegram he received several days after I was born. With this, I salute all of those brave young men and women who are fighting for my freedoms at this time. This family salutes you!! You are always in our prayers and we wish you success wherever you are.

Today is my only granddaughter's birthday. She was our first grandchild and I can't tell you how much we adore her! She is 27 years old today and I want to honor her. I remember the day she was born as well as I remember her mom's birth day. She graduated from University of California Berkeley and now works for Microsoft in Redmond, Wa. The man who married her is extremely lucky. Of course, we call her "girl" or "Bratski #3" or sometimes we just refer to her as "A" or "g" when her mom and I are instant messaging!!

Ahhhh Hawaii

When I was about 4 1/2 yrs old we moved to Hawaii. I remember loving it there because we lived in quonset huts (kind of semi-circular houses) and my father built us a swimming pool out of canvas with grommets on top and rope lashed through them and tied to a wooden frame. My brother and I thought we were so cool because we were the only kids in the neighborhood with a pool. We lived very close to the ocean but the pool was the best!

When we were going over to Hawaii on the ship I got seasick. However, I wouldn't tell my mom because everyone who got seasick had to get a shot! I didn't like shots then and I still don't. So I suffered through and never let anyone know. Think about that: I was only 4 1/2 but I was smart enough to see people who got seasick come out of the doctor's cabin and talked about getting a shot and I knew I didn't want it.

But when we arrived in Pearl Harbor there was a mardi gras going on and my parents bought me a cute little outfit. I still have it to this day hanging in my office here "thumb tacked" to my wall. So this little outfit is 60 years old and still in great shape. Sadly, I'm NOT!! Think about that: bodies break down before mardi gras outfits. Hmmmm

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