"Tiara is a state of mind"! Just call me Queen/Diva Connie. Made my own because I couldn't find a real one. I guess Miss America has it this week........but I'll be looking out for an extra one.

Tra la la la la la la la la........And Old Ephemera !!..........

I finally found this one old stash of note papers and ephemera. I always took it out of the box and tied each set with pretty ribbons. So many pretty vintage or colorful ribbons are available to wrap around the various notes, ephemera or envelopes and writing paper that it makes one dizzy just seeing them in a beautiful box. Purple, pink, green polka dots, sunny yellow,blue stripes, pink dots, various stripes - enough to delight anyone looking at them. I even found some old anniversary cards from my sweetheart and some mother's day cards from him and my kids and valentines with roses all over them. My heart sang this evening. Tra la la la la !!!! :-)

Oh My Goodness!!!

I bought a little suitcase/storage box recently on ebay and it arrived today. It is adorable and pictured here on the right. It came in a box with a little sachet that is smelling up the room as I type with the fragrance of vanilla! What a sweet thought for that lady to send it. I love the decorated little suitcase of course, but to receive an additional little gift was an act of graciousness we don't often receive. I thank you for it and wanted you all to enjoy it.

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