When Daughter Came to Visit!!

I decided to do something different for my bathroom walls a while back and pasted some beautiful paintings on the wall as a border. I just could not find the roses wall paper border I wanted so this was the result. I put them up with Fun Tak and it looked really cute until................... daughter came to visit.

She decided to take a loooonng HOT shower one afternoon. Well, it was so long and hot that it curled the paintings on card stock! The first picture is the before and the second picture is the after. (Some of the pictures actually fell off when she got through.) But most of them were obliterated with the steam making the inks run.

So now the third picture is the one of the new wallpaper I decided to put in there! Hah. Let me see her steam that off the walls. Ever tried to remove wallpaper?!?! Right!!

Cleaning Out the Fabric Stash!!

There comes a time (or two or three) in every woman's life when the fabric stash needs "re-inventing"! This week was it for me. For a couple of months now I've dreaded going into my sewing room to create. Last week I decided that this was going to be the week I "cleaned" it out. Now, "cleaning" out is a relative term for me. A "clean house" is just that - go through and vacuum, mop, dust, etc. But a "clean" fabric/sewing room is something different. For me, it means "rearranging" the fabric and stuffing a bit of it in medium size boxes to put up in the garage attic. Not much but just a bit to satisfy the hubby! Get my drift here???!!! So below you'll see the difference from the first 2 pictures to the bottom 2 pictures.

First, you have to realize this required 2 trips to Home Depot and 2 trips to Wal Mart for said hubby who didn't truly understand my instructions in the first place. My habit of saving my notes/instructions only helped to prove I was right in the first place and had he listened there would not have been 2 trips to Home Depot. ;-)

New shelving was the first order of the day and I have to say it is amazing to see the room taking shape so nicely. Still working at it, but here are a few pix to show how it is coming along.

My Purple Elf Church Outfit

Okay, so I looked like an elf - at least I was "bright"!! I've never been "conventional" when it comes to colors but I think I may have outdone myself yesterday in church.

Since my foot surgery 2 months ago I can't wear any of my old shoes on the left foot yet. Well, we went to back home to California last week to visit with kids and attend son's graduaction from nursing school and while there my daughter gave me a pair of lavender Crocs. (I must admit they are a very, very comfy shoe!) So yesterday I decided to wear them to church (in the snow, no less!!). Well, I wanted to be Christmas-y and decided to wear bright socks also. I thought the red and green socks might be a tad too much green and Jack wore the Christmas tie so I was stuck with bright red knee socks for my toesies! Purple dress, magenta jacket, lavender shoes and red socks. I looked like an elf! However, the members of our ward just stared and I knew it wasn't the body they were looking at. Hah......... But as I said, I'm my own fashion setter and love purple, pink and red. And trust me, this is not the "loudest" outfit I've ever worn. And I'm an old lady! Aren't we supposed to wear purple and thumb our noses at everyone and conventionality?!?!?! Gotta love me!

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